"É preciso partir, é preciso ficar." —Eugénio de Andrade
Bilingual Worksin Portuguese and English
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How to love without possessingHow to leave without forsakingHow to learn without forgettingHow to live without regretting
My bilingual poems are the fruit of a journey into learning and loving the Portuguese language. They are conceived of in English and crafted to be read in Portuguese. Yet they are not strictly translations of one another. The writing process begins with the conception of the poems in English as I develop the essence, ideas and emotions that I would like to express. The English and Portuguese versions are crafted together simultaneously — line by line, back and forth, through trial and error, in a dance of words that intertwine like two distinct bodies searching for harmony with one another — each influencing the other's content, movement and rhythm.
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 Review by David Rodrigues, author of 100 Portuguese Moments In a Not So Portuguese World (2021)


Sonja N. Bohm is author of a trilogy of bilingual poems written side-by-side in Portuguese and English and inspired by Portugal. Conceived of in English, and crafted to be read in Portuguese, these poems are the fruit of a journey into learning and loving the Portuguese language. In Poemas do Jardim (Poems from the Garden), the Garden represents an Ideal—a thing not to be fully realized or attained in this life, but no less real or conceivable. The Garden is Portugal. Banco Vazio Poesia (Empty Bench Poetry) is the continuation of a love affair with words: poems written upon Bohm's return to the United States. NEW! Pera e Pedra (Pear and Stone) explores the complexities of a human heart as it navigates the ebb and flow of a sea of emotions; a heart marked by passion and devotion, and tested by separation and longing. Available in paperback and eBook formats at online bookstores. Thanks for visiting!

"And they left him there, where the worlds aspireIn the sunrise glow and the sunset fire!"             Florence Earle Coates
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"Life has only one expression, the one where the rooster crows, the one where you listen to it, moved, knowing the night cannot contain it." —Eugénio de Andrade